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Mike and his 2015 Corvette Z06.      Photo by C. MacDonald
Now Accepting 2016 Stingray and Z06 Orders.
Contact Mike Furman at 888-737-3537.
2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Full Test - Review -- Car and Driver


Callaway Corvette is here at Criswell.

Mike provides an overview of the details in this video:

Z51/Z06 Customizable Gauge Cluster & Driver Mode Selector Demonstration
I have been asked many times to do an in depth video on certain specifics of the Stingray/Z06. This youtube video is the first in a series and is 9 minutes long and well worth your time. Please share with your fellow Corvette/Stingray/Z06 enthusiasts. Yes I did it in one take and no I did not have a script. I have been selling Corvettes for 37 yrs and I am not an actor and will never pretend to be one either. So enjoy it and share it.
**Correction: The dry sumps hold 9.3 qrts of oil. When GM sent me out to Spring Mountain the GM reps had said 11.5 qrts...9.3 is the correct amount.


Video of first arrivals of Corvette Z06 at Criswell Corvette
Contact Mike Furman for details on how you can receive your free Adams Polishes Starter Detail Kit.

Lights...Camera...Action! Bravo TV asked me to be on this Reality Show called "Newlyweds – the First Year." The concept for the TV Show is that 4 Newlywed couples are filmed for One Year. One of the couples lives near Criswell Chevrolet, and he wanted to purchase a new Corvette. Last March he came in with his Father and took a test drive in a new Stingray. Then in August we ordered a fully loaded 2015 Stingray Z51 Coupe. The May 5th, 2015 Episode number 9 had Kirk and Laura taking delivery of their (his) new Stingray in the following video.

A letter from one of Mike's customers to Jason Witte, General Manager at Criswell Chevrolet
Jason: I am writing a short note (you are free to include it on your web site if you think it appropriate), to say Bravo to Mike Furman and the team at Criswell. I just returned to California driving my new C7 after picking it up at the Museum Delivery program. While I can’t say enough good things about the Stingray, I am actually writing about Mike, who was a delight to deal with at all stages. Not only was he forthright on pricing, he was quite knowledgeable about questions that I had about certain aspects of the car such as the competition seats and Mag ride options, both of which I choose which were quite good choices. I represent a large group of new car dealers here in California in a self-insured program as their General Counsel, so I am familiar with quite a few dealers, but it was Mike’s internet promotion and reputation which drove me to Criswell, and I have been singing his praises ever since. I am sure that you already know what an asset you have in Mike, but always good to have another affirmation. 

Cheers Jeff
Jeffrey L Malek, Esq
Malek & Malek, San Francisco

2016 Corvette Z06 and Stingray Model Year Updates Place your cursor over the image below, click and hold while scrolling down to see the content of the PDF file.

Mike Furman is the first GM employee from a dealership to be nominated for GM’s Mark of Excellence Award

by Rick Tavel© 10-13-14 Corvetted

It seems that GM and Corvetted see many things the same way. One is in regards to recognizing outstanding performance. As you may have read, Corvetted lists only one Corvette Specialist in our lists of outstanding Corvette sites, services, and individuals. That Corvette Specialist happens to be the top Corvette Specialist in the country, Mike Furman, of Criswell Chevrolet. And now Mike has become the only person from a dealership to be nominated for GM’s prestigious Mark of Customer Excellence Award.

Strangely, this award has traditionally been confined to non dealership employees. In many ways it would seem that there would be several dealership employees in contention since they come in contact with customers more than anyone. Maybe that is an indictment of the sales specialists, bit one thing is for sure, they got it right when they nominated Mike to be the barrier breaker. The program recognizes those outstanding GM employees who are catalysts for GM’s customer-centric culture and they could not find a better example.


Mike Furman recently with a few of his customers at Prescott Arizona’s Corvette Show.


Mike was nominated by Brain Siskoy, a design engineer, who has basically explained what Mike does consistently, goes out of his way for every customer, not just sometimes but all the time. Here are just a few of Brian’s comments in his nomination submission: “Mike goes out of his way to please the customer, and because of that known service, people across the country are sending potential new Corvette owners to him. Every single person that he sells a car to, he takes a picture of them and posts it to his Corvette blog website that he created for his clients. If there are any service concerns he will go out of his way to follow up with the customer and let them know the detailed progress. Because of his outstanding dedication to service, he once had 1 customer refer an additional 6 corvette sales directly to him, some as far away as Las Vegas!” And Brian expresses what many GM customers also believe when he says, “Mike makes EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS CUSTOMERS feel special. He takes the time to treat them with respect, and listens to all of their concerns, following up with them well beyond the initial sale. He takes their pictures and posts their stories on his blog to share the excitement of people that purchase their Corvette. This behavior is noticed by all of his customers peers, driving even MORE business for him. In reality, he is doing what EVERY sales associate should be doing, but he just does it a lot better than everyone else, and much more consistently.”

And Corvetted heartily agrees as Brian suggests, that GM should , “use him as an example for how ALL of our sales associates should behave and prove that GM DOES care about our dealership network!”

I know you join with me in wishing Mike good luck and whether he wins the award or not, those of us who have dealt with Mike and know him, when it comes to Corvette Specialists Mike is in a league of his own.


It’s pretty obvious that Mike is a Corvette True Believer. In his 2014 Stingray.


Corvette Seller Mike Furman and Friends at Corvettes at Carlisle

by Keith Cornett on August 26, 2014

While at the Corvettes at Carlisle show last weekend, we spoke with several sponsors of CorvetteBlogger to get their latest news and to see what we can do to help spread the word to our readers. Little did I know that three of them were working in cahoots to cross promote each other’s offerings at the show and elsewhere. National Corvette sales guru Mike Furman, who singlehandedly sold an estimated 450 Corvette Stingrays during their inaugural year, shares the details in this video interview from Carlisle.

First up, Mike Furman and I discussed the latest news regarding C7 Corvettes including the recent release of pricing for the 2015 Corvette Z06. Mike also talks about his own personal Corvette Stingray, a 2014 Laguna Blue Z51 model. That car has just 700 miles on it and will most likely be for sale soon as Mike will be upgrading to the new Z06 early next year. Why the low miles? Because Mike is always working to sell and deliver new Corvettes to his customers. If you want to be one of them, visit him at his new web address,

Mike then invited our friend and sponsor Adam Pitale of Adam’s Polishes to talk about a special offer for Mike’s customers. Adam's will be providing new Corvette owners who purchased their Corvettes through Mike Furman a special introductory detailing kit that will help get new and experienced Corvette owners off on the right foot when it comes to caring for their new sports car. Adam’s is the official detailing company for Corvette and Camaro and Adam’s products are used by the workers at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. Check out all the great car care products from Adams at

Mike then invites Todd Crutcher from Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch to come and talk about the Corvette Owners School discount available to new owners of the Corvette Stingray. Chevy has set up a special discount for new Corvette owners where you can learn how to drive the new Corvette in a safe and controlled environment. The discount is good for exactly one year and your cost is only $1,000 for the two-day school. Take advantage of this special offer today by visiting

One more piece of news regarding the Corvette Owners School discount at Spring Mountain from Chevrolet. According to Corvette Marketing Manager Todd Christensen, the program has been extended to purchases of 2015 Corvette Stingrays and Z06s.

Mike Furman demonstrates the procedure for removing and stowing the top on a Stingray Coupe, and taking the top down and up on a Chevy Convertible.

Mike Furman, National Corvette Sales Specialist with Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD, describes the delivery procedure of a carrier-load of new C7 Corvette Stingrays as they arrive.


Meet Mike Furman, The Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes
For a lot of car enthusiasts there tends to be a certain brand or make that “is their life.” We know many fans of Mopar, Ferarri fanatics and plenty of Porschephiles, but in most cases those cars actually have very little to do with a person’s life or well being, beyond fascination.

That doesn’t hold true to Mike Furman. When he says Corvettes are his life, he means it. From the age of 17 when he started working at Malcom Konner Auto Group in New Jersey, Mike has made his living putting Corvettes in other people’s garages. If you ever wanted to get into Corvette sales, Konner was the place. From the early ‘60s until the family sold the dealership in 1991, Konner was the world’s largest Corvette dealer.

To date Mike has sold more than 3,000 Corvettes and in the process has become one of the biggest names in the new Corvette market. He also holds the GM records for most Corvettes delivered in a single month at 57. We caught up with Mike to ask him about his storied sales career and find out where he wants to go next.

Read on to find out what we learned about this super salesman.

Mike made his first Corvette sale, a 1978 model to Cassius De la Victoria of Washington Township, New Jersey, and he has never looked back. People from all over the world come to Mike to place the orders because he does everything he can to make sure you get exactly what you want; a rare trait in today’s auto sales world.

Exclusive: Meet Mike Furman, the Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes

While Mike says that every one of the 3,012 Corvettes he has sold so far are all unique and memorable, he really enjoys the special circumstances and stories he can help create. Some of his favorite sales are when fathers and sons come in together to get new ‘Vettes.

He mentioned a recent sale in which he arranged for two cars to be built around the same time period so that both father and son could partake in the special R8C Corvette Museum Delivery option. The father lived in Tennessee and the son in Minnesota, but they came together, along with a host of family and friends to celebrate the occasion and take delivery of the cars. Arnie Anderson — the father — used to race Corvettes in his youth.

Mike was even able to use his sales talents to secure a relationship. One time a customer named Paul came in and brought his daughter Maureen. Mike promised he wouldn’t ask to date Maureen if Paul purchased a car. Paul was already aware that his daughter fancied Mike, so instead he challenged him to a game of table tennis for the right to date his daughter. Mike won, and he and Maureen were in relationship for a time.

Exclusive: Meet Mike Furman, the Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes

Apart from selling them, Mike also has a certain affliction for parking Corvettes in his own garage. He is currently on his thirteenth Corvette, a 1992 Convertible in Quasar Blue. The car only has 8,075 original miles. Mike also said he already has a deposit down for the 2015 Z06 that was just announced at the Detroit Auto show.

I asked Mike what his dream Corvette would be and he picked a model only a true fan would know about. He wants a ’63 split window coupe with the 36-gallon endurance tank donning a red-on-red color scheme.

Beyond the sales and the customer stories, Mike’s success has given the opportunity to meet some great people and experience some truly special events. Larry Shinoda and Zora Arkus Duntov used to visit the Konner dealership on a regular basis, and Mike was even invited to Le Mans a few times to cheer on the Corvette Racing team.

Exclusive: Meet Mike Furman, the Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes

Spring Mountain Race Track in Pahrump Nevada

In the Pits at Sebring
Currently, Mike is only 53 years old, so he has at least another decade before he hits retirement age. He is hoping he can cross over the 5,000 mark before he hangs up his hat. As a bonus feather in his cap, the Marketing Manager of Criswell, where Mike currently works, is trying to get Mike’s record into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Everyone here at TopSpeed wishes Mike the best of luck, and if you want to buy a new ‘Vette for your garage he can be reached at



What's New for the 2016 Corvette?

Posted on April 28, 2015, by Rick Tavel

Members of Chevrolet’s Corvette Team were at the National Corvette Museum’s Bash last week to rollout information about the 2016 Corvette and we were there with camera’s rolling to bring the full experience of the What’s News Seminar to those who couldn’t attend.

Presenting on behalf of the Corvette Team was Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter, Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles, Corvette Interior Design Manager Ryan Vaughan and Bowling Green Assembly Plant Manager Jeff Lamarche.

Plant Manager Jeff Lamarche kicks off the discussion with an update from the plant. He talked about the winter weather which caused the plant to miss three days of production but by the end of 1st quarter, they not only made up the units, but they have exceeding their production targets for the quarter and they are ahead of the schedule in April. The plant is currently running on an overtime schedule and they are building a maximum 170 Corvettes per day.

Jeff also talks about the return of the Engine Build Program which resumed in March this year. The Engine Build Program Experience allows a Corvette buyer the opportunity to assemble their own engines at the plant’s Performance Build Center:
It’s been an awesome experience. A very great day for our customers who spend the full day with us, build an engine side by side with one of our engine build tecnicians.” He adds, “It’s been absolutely a home run and I think its even more intiment and a better way for the customer to truely connect and bond with their vehicle because as they sit there and build their engine throughout the day they can look out through the windows of the Performance Build Center and see the Corvettes going by and so they just get to dream and know that that’s theirs.”

Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter took over the presentation. First, he introduced a special guest in the crowd – his mother – who was making her first Bash event. The crowd “awwwed” and applauded her and Tadge.

As in previous years, before looking forward to the next model year, the team first provides a summary on the current 2015 Model year by recapping awards and reading some of the press clippings.

Tadge called this year “The Year of the Z06″ and recapped the performance specs and aero options again. Tadge talked about the inability to run a fast lap at the Nurburgring but shared the video of Jim Mero’s 2:41.32 run at VIR. The Performance Data Recorder was highlighted along with the Valet Mode video released earlier this year. The PDR camera is getting a software update to improve the picture and Tadge said they are working on a way to get it to owners who will then be able to perform the update via a flash drive or car.

Tadge then rolled into a slide showing the 2016 highlights before turning it over to Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles.

Harlan confirms the Corvette C7.R raced by the factory team has indeed been painted the new Corvette Racing Yellow all season. But before he goes into more details, he recaps the sales and production statistics for 2015. This is one of our favorite parts of the seminar as it shows what options are being ordered and the penatration.

According to Harlan, Corvette is leading the Luxury Sport Segment for calendar year 2015 (Jan-Mar) with a 36% share of the market over rivals from Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz. Harlan also confirmed that March 2015′s sales were the highest in March since 1985! As of April 22nd, Chevrolet has built 23,171 Corvette Stingrays and 8,206 Corvette Z06s for a total production of 31,377. We’ll come back and break down these numbers.

Harlan’s first foray into 2016 Corvette news starts with a slide to the Chassis and Electonics. These changes include Magnetic Red Control with 19/20 wheels is now available without Z51. A power cinch latch hatch/trunk has returned and the introduction of the new Curb View camera.

The changes to the exterior are next with the new wheels detailed and then Harlan goes through the new color additions, Corvette Racing Yellow and Long Beach red. This was our first confirmation that Crystal Red would be replaced with Long Beach Red. All we can say is somebody up in Detroit loves Night Race Blue! Harlan then details the Z06 C7.R Special Edition and shares information on the three Design packages.

Corvette Interior Design Manager Ryan Vaughan then took over and he had the pleasure of sharing photos and details of the Corvette Z06 C7.R and the three design packages, Twilight Blue, Spice Red and Black Suede.


Ryan also details changes to the interior of the car of which there are many. Different colorbreakups are in store especially on the Corvette Z06. The breakups detail how the interior is wrapped based on the trim level. Other changes to the 2016 Corvette include two-tone seats and matching a suede flat-bottomed steering wheel to cars that have the Competition seats.

After Ryan’s portion of the seminar was concluded, Tadge returned to the stage and opened up the floor for questions. The Q&A session is always lively and this one went on for about 20 minutes. At the conclusion, the cover was pulled off the Corvette Z06 C7.R Special Edition int he back of the room and the crowd made a frantic dash to be among the first to see the car live.

Here is the full one hour and 20 minute video of Friday morning’s What’s New for the 2016 Seminar from the National Corvette Museum’s Bash:

Let me know how I can help you find your Corvette today.

Mike Furman 888-737-3537



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