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Mike Furman, National Corvette Sales Specialist with Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD, describes the delivery procedure of a carrier-load of new C7 Corvette Stingrays as they arrive.


Meet Mike Furman, The Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes
For a lot of car enthusiasts there tends to be a certain brand or make that “is their life.” We know many fans of Mopar, Ferarri fanatics and plenty of Porschephiles, but in most cases those cars actually have very little to do with a person’s life or well being, beyond fascination.

That doesn’t hold true to Mike Furman. When he says Corvettes are his life, he means it. From the age of 17 when he started working at Malcom Konner Auto Group in New Jersey, Mike has made his living putting Corvettes in other people’s garages. If you ever wanted to get into Corvette sales, Konner was the place. From the early ‘60s until the family sold the dealership in 1991, Konner was the world’s largest Corvette dealer.

To date Mike has sold more than 3,000 Corvettes and in the process has become one of the biggest names in the new Corvette market. He also holds the GM records for most Corvettes delivered in a single month at 57. We caught up with Mike to ask him about his storied sales career and find out where he wants to go next.

Read on to find out what we learned about this super salesman.

Mike made his first Corvette sale, a 1978 model to Cassius De la Victoria of Washington Township, New Jersey, and he has never looked back. People from all over the world come to Mike to place the orders because he does everything he can to make sure you get exactly what you want; a rare trait in today’s auto sales world.

Exclusive: Meet Mike Furman, the Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes

While Mike says that every one of the 3,012 Corvettes he has sold so far are all unique and memorable, he really enjoys the special circumstances and stories he can help create. Some of his favorite sales are when fathers and sons come in together to get new ‘Vettes.

He mentioned a recent sale in which he arranged for two cars to be built around the same time period so that both father and son could partake in the special R8C Corvette Museum Delivery option. The father lived in Tennessee and the son in Minnesota, but they came together, along with a host of family and friends to celebrate the occasion and take delivery of the cars. Arnie Anderson — the father — used to race Corvettes in his youth.

Mike was even able to use his sales talents to secure a relationship. One time a customer named Paul came in and brought his daughter Maureen. Mike promised he wouldn’t ask to date Maureen if Paul purchased a car. Paul was already aware that his daughter fancied Mike, so instead he challenged him to a game of table tennis for the right to date his daughter. Mike won, and he and Maureen were in relationship for a time.

Exclusive: Meet Mike Furman, the Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes

Apart from selling them, Mike also has a certain affliction for parking Corvettes in his own garage. He is currently on his thirteenth Corvette, a 1992 Convertible in Quasar Blue. The car only has 8,075 original miles. Mike also said he already has a deposit down for the 2015 Z06 that was just announced at the Detroit Auto show.

I asked Mike what his dream Corvette would be and he picked a model only a true fan would know about. He wants a ’63 split window coupe with the 36-gallon endurance tank donning a red-on-red color scheme.

Beyond the sales and the customer stories, Mike’s success has given the opportunity to meet some great people and experience some truly special events. Larry Shinoda and Zora Arkus Duntov used to visit the Konner dealership on a regular basis, and Mike was even invited to Le Mans a few times to cheer on the Corvette Racing team.

Exclusive: Meet Mike Furman, the Man Who Sold 3,000 Corvettes

Spring Mountain Race Track in Pahrump Nevada

In the Pits at Sebring
Currently, Mike is only 53 years old, so he has at least another decade before he hits retirement age. He is hoping he can cross over the 5,000 mark before he hangs up his hat. As a bonus feather in his cap, the Marketing Manager of Criswell, where Mike currently works, is trying to get Mike’s record into the Guinness Book of World Records.
Everyone here at TopSpeed wishes Mike the best of luck, and if you want to buy a new ‘Vette for your garage he can be reached at


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The seventh-generation Corvette has been revamped to enhance your driving skills and take you places you never thought possible. Advancements in engineering, world-class technologies and Corvette Racing influenced features all combine to help you master any road or situation you desire.



Corvette Stingray utilizes an all-aluminum frame assembly that’s 99 pounds (45 kilograms) lighter and 57 percent stiffer than the previous Corvette frame. Numerous chassis components have been updated and advanced to help increase performance characteristics and adjust to different driving conditions. Drivers will have a solid feel and experience no extraneous motion around the sports car when traveling down the road or around a track.

A race-proven 6.2L V8 will power Corvette Stingray, making it the most powerful standard Corvette ever (GM-estimated 455 horsepower and 460 lb.-ft. of torque), the quickest standard Corvette ever(estimated 0-60 mph of less than 4 seconds) and the most fuel-efficient Corvette ever (estimated by GM to exceed the 2013 EPA-estimated 26 MPG highway.) This technological powerhouse integrates a suite of advanced technologies that can only be found in a handful of engines around the world — Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management™ and Continuously Variable Valve Timing to support an advanced combustion system. Corvette Stingray will be the most fuel-efficient car on the market to offer 455 horsepower and achieve 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds (GM estimates). It also provides more torque than Porsche 911 (325 lb.-ft.) and Ferrari 458 (398 lb.-ft.)

The LT1 engine of Corvette Stingray is mated to a new 7-speed manual transmission that offers improved performance and fuel economy. It’s also equipped with Active Rev Matching, a feature that provides smooth shifting by using throttle “blips.” In most manuals, a smooth downshift requires a “blip” of the throttle to match the engine rpm with the speed of the lower gear. Shifting during braking requires the one-foot, two-pedal technique known as heel-and-toeing — your right foot “blips” the throttle while at the same time pushing the brake pedal. With Active Rev Matching, there is no need to perform these techniques during upshifts or downshifts. The result is increased enthusiasm and confidence during performance driving. Active Rev Matching can be toggled on and off using the steering wheel paddles.

The electric power steering system on Corvette Stingray provides the best steering feel for all driving situations. It incorporates “smooth road shake prevention” that can sense when the driver is experiencing “excitation” and prevents that force from transmitting back through the wheel (known as steering wheel shake). The system also prevents steering pull and increases or decreases the amount of assist needed depending on the steering wheel angle — all seamlessly for the driver.



Model: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
Body styles/driveline: 2-door hatchback coupe with removable roof panel; rear-wheel drive
Construction: composite and carbon-fiber body panels, hydroformed aluminum frame with aluminum and magnesium structural and chassis components
Manufacturing location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Displacement (cu in/cc): 376/6162
Bore & stroke (in/mm): 4.06 x 3.62/103.25 x 92
Block material: cast aluminum
Cylinder head material: cast aluminum
Valvetrain: overhead valve, two valves per cylinder
Fuel delivery: direct injection
Compression ratio: 11.5:1
Horsepower/kW: 455/335 (est.)
Torque (lb.-ft./Nm): 460/610 (est.)
Type: seven-speed manual with Active Rev Matching | six speed paddle-shift automatic
Front: short/long arm (SLA) double wishbone, cast aluminum upper and lower control arms, transverse-mounted composite leaf spring, monotube shock absorber
Rear: short/long arm (SLA) double wishbone, cast aluminum upper and lower control arms, transverse-mounted composite leaf spring, monotube shock absorber
Active handling: Magnetic Selective Ride Control (available with Z51)
Traction control: StabiliTrak®, electronic stability control
Type: front and rear power-assisted discs with four-piston fixed front and rear calipers (slotted rotors with Z51)
Rotor diameter (in/mm):

front: 12.6/320 (13.6/345 with Z51)
rear: 13.3/338

Wheel size: front: 18-inch x 8.5-inch (w/o Z51)
rear: 19-inch x 10-inch (w/o Z51)
front: 19-inch x 8.5-inch (with Z51)
rear: 20-inch x 10-inch (with Z51)
Tires: Michelin® Pilot® Super Sport run flat
front: P245/40R18 (w/o Z51)
rear: P285/35R19 (w/o Z51)
front: P245/35R19 (with Z51)
rear: P285/30R20 (with Z51)
Wheelbase (in/mm): 106.7/2710
Overall length (in/mm): 176.9/4492
Overall width (in/mm): 73.9/1877
Overall height (in/mm): 48.8/1239
Weight distribution (% front/rear): 50/50

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Selling Corvettes for 35 Years - Corvette Blogger Story on Mike

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